Ecommerce for Statamic

Shipping options

Outputs shipping options from settings when using a shipping method that contains customer-selectable options.


Whether to wrap in a <select> tag. Defaults to yes.
The name attribute used in the <select> tag. Defaults to shipping_option.


To select a shipping option, all that needs to be done is to save shipping_option to the customer’s details, using the customer_form tag.

Here’s an example of a select dropdown inside a form to change your shipping option.

{{ bison:customer_form }}
  <label>Shipping Option</label>
  {{ bison:shipping_options }}
    <option value="{{ value }}" {{ selected }}>{{ label }} (${{ price }})</option>
  {{ /bison:shipping_options }}
  <input type="submit" value="Select" />
{{ /bison:customer_form }}

You can also use it to output information about the options. It doesn’t have to be a dropdown. Anything you define in shipping_options in bison.yaml is available to you here as variables.

<h3>Shipping we offer</h3>
{{ bison:shipping_options select="no" }}
  <li>{{ label }} (${{ price }}): {{ description }}</li>
{{ /bison:shipping_options }}

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