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Extending Bison

You can now interact with Bison through your own add-ons through two options: API and Hooks.


Bison has a number of API methods for you to tap into.

Use any of the following methods by doing the following from any aspect of your add-on. (Core, hooks, tasks, etc)


Returns the contents of Bison’s config files as an associative array.

Returns the customer’s details

getCartItems($use_dollars = false, $use_separator = false)
Returns the contents of the cart as an associative array.

Returns the number of items in the cart

getCartSubtotal($use_dollars = false, $use_separator = false)
Returns the cart subtotal before discounts

getCartSubtotalIncDiscounts($use_dollars = false, $use_separator = true)
Returns the cart subdotal including discounts

getCartShipping($use_dollars = false, $use_separator = true)
Get the cart’s shipping total

getCartDiscount($use_dollars = false, $use_separator = true)
Get the cart’s discount total

Get the tax rate

getCartTax($use_dollars = false, $use_separator = true)
Get the cart’s tax total

Converts a value to cents

toDollars($cents, $separate_thousands = false)
Converts a value to dollars


Money is handled in cents. Most of the time, you’ll need values in cents. For instance, $123,000.50 is 12300050 cents. But if you need them in dollars, set the $use_dollars parameter to true. This will give you a value with a decimal point. ie 123000.50. If you want the thousands separated, specify that too. You will then get something like 123,000.50 or 123.000,50 depending on your currency settings.


Bison also runs a number of hooks at appropriate times. (Well, just one for now).

You can leverage the hook by creating the following in your hooks.addon_name.php file.

function bison__hook_name($parameter) {
  // do stuff
This is called when a checkout has completed. You have access to the order details in the first parameter.
Add a button to the order details page in the CP. You should return a <li><a href="">...</a></li> here. You have access to the order data in the first parameter.


If you have a need for more API methods or hooks, please get in touch.

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