Ecommerce for Statamic



March 31st, 2015

  • New Added API methods for getCartItems, getCartSubtotal, getCartSubtotalIncDiscounts, getCartDiscount, getCartShipping, getTaxRate, and getCartTax.
  • New Added tax_number (ie. VAT number) field to customer fields
  • New If a valid tax number (VAT) is entered, you can optionally remove tax from the cart
  • New Added bison:apply_coupon tag. Lets you create vanity coupons
  • Improved Updated Omnipay gateways. MultiSafepay, Mollie, Netaxept, Paypal & Stripe. Mollie now uses their V3 API.
  • Improved More consistent currency handling
  • Improved Order numbers now use a unique ID instead of a sequential number. However, the sequential number is still available in the order details.
  • Fixed Fix issue CP wasn’t showing the order time
  • Fixed Fix issue where reducing stock would modify array keys
  • Fixed Fix issue where unencoded characters in the return URL fail
  • Fixed Fix issue where sales totals were being calculated incorrectly for non US currencies
  • Fixed Fix issue where PayPal requires non US currency purchases to be in US currency
  • Fixed Fix tax calculations
  • Fixed Fix issue where a discount could result in a negative total
  • Fixed Fix issue where no discounts are interpreted incorrectly when using Dipper (this is fixed in later versions of Dipper anyway)
  • Fixed Fix issue where adding the first product modifier to the cart would only use the base price
  • Fixed Fix issue where the find_in_cart tag returned nothing when only using the url parameter.
  • Fixed Gateway errors are now logged so you can review them, but your customers will still see a safe generic one


December 22nd, 2014

  • Important Statamic 1.9 is required
  • New Order statuses, eg. paid or refunded, with a tag to output them
  • New A dedicated custom_data fieldtype
  • New The total sales in the control panel can have certain statuses excluded. eg. refunded
  • New Product prices can be tax-inclusive. Useful for VAT. See taxes.
  • New You can now have per-product tax rates
  • New New API methods: getCustomerInfo, getCartItemCount, toCents and toDollars
  • New You can add custom buttons to the status bar of the order details page in the CP using the bison__action_links hook
  • Improved Better order handling
  • Improved You can now edit orders through the control panel
  • Improved The sample order fieldset has been revised
  • Improved The update_cart_form can be submitted using AJAX
  • Improved Cart line item data in AJAX responses
  • Improved Product option matrix allows blank stock levels, which translates to unlimited stock
  • Improved Improvements to gateways
  • Improved Order folder attempts to gets created at checkout if it doesn’t exist
  • Improved Gateway related checkout errors show a more generic message for your customers
  • Improved Discounts are sent to PayPal as line items
  • Improved Show an error instead of WSOD when your encryption_key is the wrong length
  • Fixed Fix issue where commas in amounts sent to gateways broke some things
  • Fixed Fix bug where you can add an item with a stock level of 0 to cart
  • Fixed Fix bug where saving an order in the CP deletes order items
  • Fixed International currency fixes
  • Fixed Fix bug where an order folder with a number breaks
  • Fixed Fix bug where order total ignored numbers with commas
  • Fixed Better handling of paths (slashes at beginning/end get adjusted for you)
  • Fixed Fix bug where item modifier wasn’t being output in some cases
  • Fixed Fix bug where cart amounts might not get output correctly
  • Fixed Fix incorrect shipping_options tag parameter
  • Fixed Adjusted default customer_form class
  • Fixed Fixed bug where checking a discount’s member limit would be cause an error
  • Fixed Fixed bug when checking out using a product parameter and not specifying a price threw a WSOD


July 9th, 2014

  • Important Statamic 1.8 is required
  • New Control panel interface
  • New Bitcoin support using the Coinbase payment gateway
  • New Buy X Get Y Amount off and Percentage off discount types
  • New Support for tax-free products
  • New Added the ability to clear the customer’s session upon checkout
  • Improved Better off-site order handling
  • Fixed Fixed PayFast gateway
  • Fixed Fixed cross browser fieldtype errors
  • Fixed Fixed bug in option matrix field where modifiers may not be displayed correctly
  • Fixed Fixed bug where matrix table wouldn’t disappear when removing the last config group
  • Fixed Fixed issue where orders don’t get saved correctly without a trailing slash
  • Fixed Removed in_cart tag in favor of find_in_cart


May 28th, 2014

  • Fixed Fixed bug where checking out without custom_data caused an error.
  • Fixed Fixed bug where having a checkout_form with no required fields may cause an error.


May 23rd, 2014


May 9th, 2014

  • New Added shipping_option tag.
  • Improved Better order handling for offsite gateways.
  • Improved Better custom_data validation.
  • Improved Made fields in the matrix fieldtype required.
  • Improved Custom language files now extend the defaults instead of overriding completely.
  • Improved Better handling for custom_data error labels when not specified in language files.
  • Fixed Fixed bug where modifiers were being incorrectly calculated in the matrix field.
  • Fixed Fixed bug where certain values in the item_options tag were being incorrectly calculated.
  • Fixed Fixed bug where members with uppercase characters were being lowercased in download tags.
  • Fixed Entry data is now available again via the entry variable in cart related tags.


April 11th, 2014

  • New Discounts! This includes sitewide discounts and coupon codes.
  • New Discounts fieldtype
  • New You can now use multiple gateways.
  • New Added weight threshold shipping method
  • Fixed Fixed bug where price and shipping thresholds were returning wrong price
  • Fixed Changed setting per_product_shipping_field_name, to per_product_shipping_field for consistency.


March 26th, 2014

  • Important Statamic 1.7 is required
  • Important Fieldtypes have been split out into separate add-ons. Update your fieldsets.
  • Important Country codes now use 2 letters, not 3. Update locales files and possibly some templates.
  • New Inventory / stock level management
  • New Product option matrix fieldtype
  • New Internationalization. You can now uses different currency formats. eg $1,000.95 or 1 000,95 kr
  • New Added has_purchased tag
  • New Added in_cart tag
  • New JSON responses when adding to cart via AJAX
  • New Selectable flat rate shipping options and shipping_options tag
  • New Ability to create your own shipping plugins
  • New Bison API
  • New Order Items fieldtype
  • New Added a sample order fieldset
  • New Added option to make shipping taxable
  • Improved Added default settings
  • Improved Added decimals parameter to calc tag
  • Improved Added error_return parameter to add_to_cart_form
  • Improved Updated Buckaroo gateway to use the newer API
  • Improved PayPal Express shows line items
  • Improved checkout_form can accept a product parameter to perform a checkout without the need for a cart.
  • Fixed Fixed sort order of country_select and countries tags. They default to country name but can optionally be sorted by code.
  • Fixed Added leading zero to hours in order_date in orders.
  • Fixed Fixed bug where products over $1,000 were being added to cart as $1
  • Fixed The calc tag now strips commas from numbers
  • Fixed Made transaction_id available to the order_details tag
  • Fixed Made title available to the order_details tag (only if you are saving orders to file)


February 3rd, 2014

  • New Woohoo! Released!
  • New Products as entries
  • New Support for many payment gateways
  • New Orders saved as entries
  • New Email notifications
  • New Multi-step checkout
  • New Price fieldtype
  • New User defined prices (ie. donations)
  • New Product blueprints / on the fly products
  • New Product options / price modifiers
  • New Top products
  • New Site-wide tax
  • New Shipping plugins
  • New Membership integration
  • New Downloads
  • New Order history
  • New Slack and HipChat support (through Bellow)
  • New Statamic 1.7 ready
  • New More things!