Ecommerce for Statamic

Weight Threshold

You may specify different shipping costs depending on the total weight of items in the cart.
You must specify the values in shipping_weight_thresholds.

Bison doesn’t care about what weight unit you use, as long as you’re consistent.
ie. 10 could mean 10lbs, 10kg or even 10µg.

shipping_method: weight_threshold
 10: 5.00      # up to 10lbs,       shipping is $5.00
 20: 10.00     # then up to 20lbs,  shipping is $10.00
 30: 20.00     # then up to 30lbs,  shipping is $20.00
 up: 50.00     # then 30lbs and up, shipping is $50.00

You can specify the field name that contains your weights with weight_field.
By default, Bison looks for a weight field.

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