Ecommerce for Statamic


Bison allows you to set the tax rate for your customers carts.

This is done by setting tax_rate in bison.yaml. The value entered here should be a percentage (without the symbol).

The following would set a 10% tax rate.

tax_rate: 10

Tax inclusive product pricing

By default, tax is automatically calculated and added to your cart’s total.

If you need your product prices to be tax-inclusive (for example, for VAT) you can specify tax_inclusive: true in bison.yaml.

{{ bison:cart_total }} will either include or exclude tax depending on this setting. {{ bison:cart_tax }} will always display the same tax value regardless of the setting.

Tax number handling

Only compatible with VAT at the moment.

It’s a common request to be able to collect a customers tax number (for example, their VAT number).

To do this, make sure enable_tax_number_field is set to true in your bison.yaml file. Add a tax_number field to your checkout flow. A good place to put this is in a bison:customer_form.

If a valid tax number is given, you’re good to go. If not, you can catch it in your bison:customer_form_errors tag in a {{ if tax_number }}invalid!{{ /if }} conditional.

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