Ecommerce for Statamic


You may want to use a handful of helper URLs such as the add and remove from cart tags. These templates typically either require a single tag or they don’t make sense to be editable and they would only clutter your control panel and/or content folder.

To get around this, you can make use of your routes file, located in /_config/routes.yaml

Here is an example of some common routes you might want to use:

  /cart/empty: bison/empty_cart
  /cart/remove: bison/remove_from_cart
  /cart/add: bison/add_to_cart
  /download: bison/download_file

These templates are stored in a subfolder for organization (/_themes/your_theme/templates/bison/), but you can change the URLs and templates to whatever you want.

You can learn more about routes in the Statamic documentation.

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