Ecommerce for Statamic

Add to cart form

Outputs a form for adding an item to your cart. Typically on your product detail page.

A typical form might look like this:

{{ bison:add_to_cart_form }}
  <input type="number" name="quantity" />
  <input type="submit" />
{{ /bison:add_to_cart_form }}


If you aren’t displaying a form on an entry page, this will tell Bison which product to add.
The URL you’d like to redirect to once the form is submitted. By default, it’ll return to the same page.
The URL to be shown if there is a problem adding the item.
Allows you to set any number of HTML attributes on the <form> tag. Attribute and value should be separated by a colon : and you can specify multiple attributes by pipe | delimiting them.
eg. attr="class:my-form|data-this:that"
Set this to yes to allows the user to specify the price of the product. Useful for donations. This makes the price field available.
Extra data to make the cart item unique. Pipe delimited, colon separated values, eg. size:small|color:red


  • quantity
  • item_option
  • price (only if allow_user_price is set to yes)

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