Ecommerce for Statamic

Find in cart

This works much like the in_cart tag, except this is a tag pair. Use this if you’d like to be able to modify the matched product in the cart. The {{ cart_key }} variable becomes available to you. This could be useful if you want to toggle the item in the cart from the product’s page.


{{ bison:find_in_cart product="/products/t-shirt" price="5" extra="size:small|color:blue" }}
  {{ if in_cart }}
    You have one in your cart.
    <a href="/cart/remove?item={{ cart_key }}">Remove it</a>
  {{ else }}
    You don't have one. 
    <a href="{{ bison:add_to_cart_link url="/cart/add" product="{{ url }}" price="5" extra="size:small|color:blue" }}">Add one</a>
  {{ endif }}
{{ /bison:find_in_cart }}

Note that there is no parameter issue when using this tag. You can use price and separate keys in extra with :s.

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