Ecommerce for Statamic

Installing and updating


  • Download and unzip the archive
  • Copy the contents of _add-ons into _add-ons.
    (Bison comes with the core, and a few additional sub-addons like fieldtypes.)
  • Copy the contents of _config/add-ons/bison into to _config/add-ons/bison
  • Rename _config/add-ons/bison/_bison.yaml to bison.yaml.
  • Turn off caching (http_cache_expires and html_caching) or at least be aware of them.



  • Download and unzip the archive
  • Back up your existing _add-ons/bison_* folders.
  • Copy the contents of _add-ons to _add-ons.
  • Check _config/add-ons/bison/_bison.yaml for any newly added settings.
  • Consult the changelog for any version specific instructions.

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